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Pump is profesionally re-manufactured under producer procedure on Bosch calibrating machine. All faulty components are replaced with original parts.


Pump is on exchange.


We will need your old unit back in maximum time of 30 days of the date of purchased.



Additional separate payment of £100 which is refundable after return of faulty pump which must be paid before despatch via Pay Pal.


If you are not willing to pay surcharge you can send your faulty pump first, please contact.



Each pump comes with 12 months of warranty.



Each pump has unique serial number.



You will get the pump as it is on the pictures.



Contact Details :




Kamil Krajewski

27 Baker Street, Burton on Trent, DE159LU

Re-manufacured Bosch Common Rail CP4 Diesel Injection Pump Iveco Citroen Fiat 3.0 Hdi; Jdt; D


Part Numbers :


445010512 445010545 0445010545 504342423 1920SH 0445010559 0986437437 504371260 504342423

PSA 1920SH; IVE 504371260; IVE 504342423; CNI 504342423



The Quality of the Original, Price Regeneration !

Bosch High Pressure Fuel Pump Iveco Citroen Fiat 3.0Tdi 0445010512 0445010559

SKU: 010512
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